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How To Get Instant 360 Waves

That Will Transform You Into A Chick Magnet Within A Matter Of Days…

360 waves




You’re about to learn a step by step blueprint on how to get 360 waves. 

That will transform anybody’s hair from the NAPPIEST, into the most silky smooth 360 waves within a matter of days.

If you want to get all the attention, and build your confidence, because your 360 waves are just so fresh & so clean…

Then this is going to be the most exciting message you’ll ever read… If you are frustrated spending your well earned money on useless hair products. 

Which promise waves, but they turn up to be a pile of junk…

Then you need to pay serious attention to this.

This message is going to make hair companies & “Celebrity Instagram wavers” very nervous.

I’m going to reveal to you the real hidden secrets of how to get 360 waves, within a matter of days.

No more using products which don’t work.

No more using methods & advice that don’t work.

So many so called “celebrity Youtube & Instagram wavers” 

Who claim to be experts in waves, are frankly dishing out wave advice which don’t work. Just because you have waves, doesn’t mean you can teach someone to get waves. 

Because we are all individuals. What worked for you, might not work for me. The only way to figure out a method which works for most people, will be through massive testing.

And applying you methodologies to different individuals with different circumstances. In other words you will need a long time to refine your methods.

And tweak them to make sure they work for the majority. But a lot of these so called “celebrity Youtube & Instagram wavers” are just concerned with being famous.

And could care less whether their methods work for us the “common masses”

The REAL Truth About 360 Waves

I remember when I first got interested in waves. It was back in high school. 

I saw this dude who had slick 360 waves.

This dude’s 360 waves were on point, but that was not the only thing I noticed.

He was constantly mobbed with girls touching his hair, telling him how nice his waves were.

I mean this dude got girls everywhere, in the mall, in school, in the grocery store. 

I mean everywhere, without even trying much.

I was inspired by that, I wanted to be that dude! 

I wanted a crowd of girls to surround me & tell me how fly I was.

I was tired of being that guy in high school no one really knew. I wanted something different & a drastic to change to my appearance. 

So I decided enough was enough!

I was tired of my lame, wack nappy hair…I was tired of not getting chicks. I was tired of just being ordinary! I stepped up to this dude with waves, to find out how I can get my hair like that too.

But to my shock & horror, this arrogant clown laughed at me. And he told me that was how his hair grew, “it’s all natural baby…” 

I almost punched this dude! But I had to chill out! I thought that would be really weird punching a dude over hair lol.

My encounter with this guy fueled the zeal & the passion in me to find out how to really get those 360 waves. 

I had failed in so many things in life, but I was determined not to fail in this quest to get 360 waves. 

I always had so much potential to do so much in school, but never applied myself. I just sat there & watched, as dudes who were not even smarter than me get better grades.

I failed miserably…not because I was not smart. But because I didn’t apply myself to my fullest potential. I was angry to see this lames with nothing going for them, having slick waves & getting all the girls.

While I faded away in the background to obscurity.

michelle obama

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way!

So I decided to go to my local beauty hair store to buy any & all products that talked about waves.

I bought a hair kit that promised instant 360 waves. And I went back home, excited I was about start spinnin. 

To my surprise that s*** made my hair bone straight & I almost burnt my scalp from that stuff. I was really angry & frustrated, anything I tried just didn’t work. 

I asked around my local barbers for advice. This was before we had IG or snap. So I couldn’t just find wavers to DM lol We only had Facebook back them. 

And the wave game was not big back in the day. So you know I’m a real OG to this. One dude told to buy sporting wave gold can. And put that on my hair & I will be spinning in no time. 

I bought the sporting wave, followed the instructions. I still had no waves, & I still had the same ole nappy hair. I was fed up & wanted to give up any hopes of ever getting 360 waves. 

I just thought, maybe you actually need to have that “good hair” to have 360 waves. And my hair was far from “good hair” I had that tough nappy African Nigerian hair lol 

So I decided to give up any hopes of getting waves & just carry on with my life. That fall I attend College in one those out of state colleges in the country side. 

My college was full of white folks, a few black dudes here there. And that include me & my other black friends.

Discovery Of The 360 Waves Blueprint

One Saturday I went to a local black barber to get my hair cut. And to my shocking surprise, this dude had the most amazing 360 waves I had ever seen. 

I mean this dude waves was dippin. They looked like they were drawn on his head.

360 waves

And like a groupie…(pause) I rushed to asked this dude how he got his hair like that. Well he was not willing to tell me anything. 

I was literally begging this dude to tell me the secret, but he was not saying anything. I then came up with a plan to find out the REAL SECRETS to his 360 waves. 

I decided to work as his intern in the barber shop totally FREE for that summer. Working for this dude was like being backstage in a drake concert. 

All kinds of chicks would come to that barber shop. Not to get their hair cut, but to holla at this dude. It was like his waves, just hypnotized the girls there. 

They all went all goo-goo gaga, when they saw his hair. I was like daaaaaaaaamn, I need all these white chicks to go crazy over me too lol

Long story short, I became friends with this barber, I call him “max the barber” Max revealed to me waving secrets which have long run in his family for generations. 

His grand-dad had waves, his dad had waves, all of his uncles & brothers had waves. So naturally everyone assumed they were all born with waves. 

But Max showed me the methods & formulas, his family has been using for years to get waves. Like an eager apprentice, I took everything in.

Why Do The Ladies Like Deep Waves?!

That summer, after a couple of weeks I too was spinning with 360 waves. 

I was literally transformed into another person. 

My confidence went through the roof. 

As I walked around my campus, random dudes would step up to me. Just compliment my hair.

It was as if I was a ROCK star & I felt like a ROCK star.

deep waves

All these white girls in campus went crazy for your boy! I never had so many girls in my life, just wanting to touch my hair. 

That was really insane! I became the man on campus. Dudes wanted to be me & girls wanted to be with me. 

I cannot complain…I enjoyed every minute of that attention. I no longer needed to kick any game to talk to these girls.

They just saw the 360 waves & they were already hooked. I had the most strangest of encounters from girls. 

Girls who wanted to have my babies, so that their babies can come out with good hair lol

I almost got into fights with random guys. Because they didn’t like the way their girlfriends were looking at me. 

Life was good!

My friends were so jealous! They too wanted to have some of that attention. They bugged me to show them, how I got those deep 360 waves.

deep waves

Well I shared with them the secrets max the barber taught me. And my boys started spinning too within a matter weeks. 

Well for some of them, it took them a couple of months. But most of them started spinnin within weeks. And everyone on campus started calling us “the wave boys” 

And my homies gave me the nickname the “wave Doc” because I schooled them on the science of getting 360 waves.

We were the flyest dudes on campus. We looked great, & we had all the girls.

The Blueprint

Once the word got out! I had random dudes just approach me, to teach them how to get 360 waves. 

I was really not comfortable with all the lime light. All I ever wanted was just to get waves for myself.

I hooked up all my friends & got them waving too, but that was all I wanted to do. I didn’t want to become this famous wave dude. 

But it was too late, everyone had seen the results, & they wanted a piece of the action too! So a friend of my mine suggested to me, to write a manual on how to get 360 waves. 

Like a step by step blueprint, that shows folks how to get 360 waves. And to put it online, so that anyone from around the world can learn how to get waves. 

So I wrote my first manual on how to get 360 waves. And my friend taught me how to put it online. I was frankly astonished, the response was so overwhelming.

I had folks from different parts of the world downloading the manual & getting waves. I have literally taught 1000’s of people worldwide, both men & women on how to get waves. 

And the results have been phenomenon. 

The Dirty Little Secret That Hair Companies Never Tell You...

I had learned an important principle about black hair…that most people don’t really know. And if they got to find out, they would definitely get 360 waves.

This is what hair companies DON’T want you to find out. So that you can keep on spending your money. On their useless & worthless hair products which don’t work. 

They attract you with a nice photo of a male model with waves… And you think If get their hair product your hair will look like that too. 

But most of their hair products are hidden with harmful chemicals, that will damage your hair. And even cause you to go bald prematurely.

may weather

The Big “Ah Ha!” That Changed Everything

What you have to realize is that, our black hair is very flexible & versatile. And it can be manipulated in any way you choose to. 

Just look how easy it is to braid black hair. It is also easy for black hair to get dreads. 

Your hair strands actually have what’s called hair memory & hair muscle. 

In the same way you can train your stomach muscles to develop abs, or workout your biceps. You can also in the same way work out your hair to form 360 waves. 

Using various techniques & formulas, your hair can be trained to form 360 waves. 

And over time through this training. You hair will develop hair memory. 

And will learn to grow wavy naturally on its own. I know it sounds like science fiction. But this can be easily achieved. 

I share in great detail these wave training secrets in “The 360 Waves Blueprint”

Over the years I have refined & perfected my methods. And secrets on how to get 360 waves…

I have put these wave formulas in the ultimate manual for getting 360 waves. Called “the 360 waves Blueprint”

The strategies in this blueprint have taught literally thousands. On how to get 360 waves over the past 10 years. 

People from different parts of the world, have put the methods in the 360 waves blueprint to work. And have gotten instant & speedy results.

Now you too, have a chance to learn these 360 waves secrets. That has been passed from generation to generation. 

And that have been taught to thousands of folks around the world. 

Ladies & gentlemen I introduce to you “the 360 waves blueprint” The ultimate step by step blueprint for instant 360 waves.

The Ultimate 360 Waves Blueprint A Step By Step Guide fOR Instant 360 Waves

I’ve spent the last few years learning everything there is to know about black hair… 360 waves in particular. Over the years. 

The methods I share in the 360 waves blueprint, have produced consistent results for different kinds of people.

It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, these methods will produce results for you. It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you got. Whether Nappy hair or soft hair. 

The methods in the 360 Waves blueprint, will work regardless of your hair texture. This eBook is full of fresh, original ideas. 

All backed by years of my own personal research. And my own real world experience getting 360 waves. 

I’m not kidding around with you – I learned all this stuff the hard way. You won’t find this kind of information in any other program– I guarantee it. 

I’ve decided to publish this blueprint in a downloadable eBook… Which means that you can download it and start learning these secrets immediately. 

Right from the privacy and comfort of your phone or computer…

“Here Are Some Of The Secrets You’ll Learn Inside My Informative eBook”

360 Waves Blueprint Case-Studies

I have been teaching people all around the world how to get waves, for almost 10 years. 

And over the years I have countless number of testimonials… Of folks that have put my 360 waves methods to work & have gotten drastic results.

I wanna share with you a few of those 360 case-studies. 

These are folks who have just used a fraction of the methods contained in the 360 Waves Blueprint, but yet they have got fantastic results.

Case Study 1

360 waves

Case Study 2

Case Study 3

Case Study 4

Case Study 5

“Hey y’all listen, this is a really good site if u want maximum waves in ya head… i just bought this ebook from there, and i been seeing great results,…for real, imma show u wat it did to my head

Case Study 6

Here Are More Testimonials


Thanks bruh. Had to cut my hair which I had been growing for over a year cause it was messed up, and was tired of having no styles with short hair, so tried your wave guide, and ever since I’ve been hooked, my friends jealous, the girls loving it, almost got the full 360 going. Good looking bruh-Jonathan

The 360 Waves Blueprint is the greatest. I came across this guide about a year ago and been using it ever since. Anybody that is trying to get the greatest waves ever should definitely check this out-Robert Smith

It took me awhile to get the waves in my head, and once I was thinking ” this isn’t never gonna work” but I stayed brushing just not as constantly. I started to explore using different types of grease and spray that would show my waves. About 3 or 2 weeks later I went and got my hair cut with a #2 which is what the guide suggested and my oh my, I was surprised to see all the waves that been developing on my head-Prota J

I got waves in 2 weeks thanks to your 360 wave guide. It was incredible-Courtney Harris

I bet you're wondering how much will this ground breaking blueprint cost? We'll get to that in just a second.But First...

What are you willing to invest to get instant 360 waves within a matter of days?

What will the constant mobbing from the hottest girls in the streets be worth to you?

What will it be worth to have your confidence soar up the roof.

Getting the recognition, attention & respect you rightly deserve?

To put things in perceptive…

Just to have a personal barber, that might have a clue on how to get 360 waves… 

You are looking to pay over $97, for them to work with you one to one & help you get those waves.

And that is if you will be able to locate one. 

Most of them have no clue how to get waves, but still charge ridiculous amounts of money for their services.

Even if you found a hair stylist, that knew how to get 360 waves. 

They will probably get you just half the results, the 360 waves blueprint will get you. 

Or you can choose to spend your well earned money, on the latest “waves product” 

You & I know that are full of crap! 

But these hair companies convince us to spend dollar after dollar on stuff which don’t work. 

This is the only complete 360 waves blueprint in the internet. 

That walks you hand in hand. Showing you all the methods & strategies, to get instant 360 waves within a matter of days.

I know what it is like to be frustrated trying to get 360 waves. That’s why I want to get this blueprint into as many hands. 

As soon as possible before it becomes expensive. If you’re being completely honest with yourself, I bet you’d say $97 or more would be totally fair price to pay. 

To feel happy and SMILE so wide it makes your cheeks hurt,  every time you look in the mirror. Or run your fingers though your hair & feel those waves. 

Every time you walk down the streets, you will be constantly getting stares from strangers… 

Wondering how you got your hair like that.

Well, when you look at it that way it seems pretty cheap, doesn’t it?

Which is why I’m going to do something kind of risky here…

Not a risk to you…But a big risk to me…

See…my mission in life for as long as I can remember has been to SERVE and HELP people. That’s why I became a hair stylist several years ago..

That’s why I spent months and YEARS doing everything I could to help people get waves And if I have to take a hit to my wallet to help YOU? Well, that’s a price I’m extremely happy to pay…

So here’s what I’m going to do…We’ve already agreed that The 360 Waves Blueprint is worth at least $97…

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My business partner tells me that I’m being a “simp” by setting the price so low and that $27 is just WAY too cheap…

That even though the blueprint is tested and proven and powerful, nobody is going to believe you can get “gucci drip” at “Walmart” prices…

And that to fulfill my mission to help as many struggling folks as possible I may need to raise or even double the price…

If you’re still seeing this page, it means we’re still testing to find out if we can “make the numbers work” with your incredible discount…

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My Biggest & Most Daring Money Back Guarantee


I’m so confident the 360 Waves Blueprint will help you get those deep waves you desire. That’s why I’m will to offer you 2 money Back guarantees

Risk FREE Guarantee 1-30 Days Unconditional Guarantee

Take a full 30 days to examine & use The 360 Waves Blueprint. That’s right you have 30 days to put this valuable program to work.

If doesn’t live up to your expectations, for whatever reason. You won’t be left holding the bag. If our Course doesn’t deliver, I am the one who eats his shirt…..not you.

I will refund your entire payment, right up to the final day of this 30 day guarantee! Plus you get to keep all the bonuses! Fair enough?

Risk FREE Guarantee 2-30 Days 360 Waves Guarantee

Take another full 30 days to examine the 360 Waves Blueprint. If you cannot possibly get 360 waves within that period. 

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Fair enough?

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Using the gym analogy. How can you “cheat” your way to be bulked up, in a short period of time? 

Well there are several ways both health & unhealthy, legal & illegal. You can use crazy amount of supplements like body builders do. 

Or you can go to the extreme end & use steroids. Which by the way I don’t recommend. I’m telling you how people short cut their way to muscle growth.

Think about it, even in sports like running. There might be an athlete who doesn’t stand a chance of winning the race. 

But when he takes some banned supplements, dude ends up winning. I don’t have to give you examples, just look at all the disgraced past athletes in various sports.

Having an understanding of all this, helped me devise a formula to boost the formation of waves. 

And this is without the use of any harmful products or substances. 

This is the opposite of what hair companies do. 

I will be revealing exclusive natural hair products which will boost your wave formation. This is the ultimate 360 waves plan.

I came up with a formula which I call “waves on Steroids” Which will cut in half the training process of getting waves. 

This waves training formula, helps the boosting of your wave formation within a week. Using specific natural hair products.

By the way if you are wondering. This has nothing to do with taking steroids lol. This is just a wave method, that jump start’s your wave training to speed it up.

So it has nothing to do with anything illegal or taking any harmful to you. This 360 waves method I discovered that can help cut the time it takes to get waves in half.

I was so excited when I discovered this & shared this unique formula with my clients. And frankly I was astonished by the results. 

Dudes started getting waves within a week, others less than a week, for others it took 2 weeks. 

But the main thing, this long process of getting waves, was finally reduced into just a couple of weeks. 

Their waves were spinning in half the time, it takes to get waves using the traditional methods. 

If others did it, so can you. And I want to share this unique formula with you too. 

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Inside you’ll learn:

 The instant 360 waves formula’s used by my clients…to transform nappy hair to silky smooth 360 waves within a matter of days.

 Make your 360 waves pop! Let the “360 Waves Uncut” give you a new routine to get your 360 waves chiseled, well defined & mean.

 The 10-minute Wave Formula! Including the technique that makes your waves so irresistible, ladies wanna run their fingers through your hair.

 Build instant waves! Want killer waves? Do it with this one formula.

 The Super Hair Product that has been proven to produce Deep Dark Waves, for folks who use it for like a month

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360 Waves is more than a hairstyle, it’s a lifestyle.

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If you’re like most of our customers you’re going to have a hard time wiping that goofy smile off your face…

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How To Live Life To Your Fullest Potential?

First impressions do count. And no matter how many times people say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ 

People everyday make assumptions & judgments about you, without you even saying anything.

So are you going to stay with that lame mediocre hairstyle? 

Do you still wanna go on, without girls giving you a second glance? Or even just struggling to get dates or any attention at all?!

It is usually hard trying to make the first contact with someone you like. So why don’t you make it easier for yourself, & give yourself a head start. 

Get the recognition, the attention & respect you deserve! Or are you going to let each of these opportunities slip by and never know what might have happened?

Get how you look handled, & the rest will follow. Get those 360 waves, it will ensure no one forgets who you are. 

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I seen so many people with lots of potential let life slip them by, they have the ability & potential to be great but they don’t do anything about it. Don’t let this be you…

You know how they say that you can’t tell someone how to get somewhere unless you’ve been there yourself? 

Well I’ve been there, and I’m going to show you the way. Think about it…

This is what you gonna do, you are going to download the Ultimate 360 waves Blueprint, which will take you about 2 mins. 

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Option #1 You could choose to do nothing. Some people just like how their hair looks. 

And then they wonder why they don’t get the right attention from the girls, or respect from their friends or the job they have always wanted to get.

But let’s face it….you probably wouldn’t have read this far if you weren’t motivated to achieve that perfect 360 wave pattern in your hair. Let’s take a look at your other options.

Option #2 You could invest a boatload of money into costly mostly worthless hair products. This is the option hair magazines & beauty stores, are counting on you to choose.

It puts huge sums of money in their pockets even though they know that 95% of what they sell sucks! They are laughing all the way to the bank.

Option #3 You can keep hustling away on your own, listening to myths in your local barber shop or on YouTube on how to get 360 waves. With eager ‘consultants’ ready to give you their opinions.

Option #4 Learn from the best & get detailed step by step instructions on everything you need to know about 360 waves from The Ultimate 360 Waves Blueprint.

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360 Waves Frequently Asked Questions

As attractive as this product offer is, experience tells me that only certain percentage of the people will respond. 

Although that’s okay with me from a business standpoint, it still bothers me personally. 

You see, I know how much value the Ultimate 360 waves blueprint will deliver, to anyone who gets it.

I get numerous testimonials on a daily basis, of people who have transformed their hair into waves, just by using some of the strategies shared in the 360 Waves Blueprint.

Because of this, I just hate the thought of someone not getting The 360 Waves Blueprint, because of some error or omission in my explanation.

That’s why I held a special brainstorming session with my team. 

Just to try to figure out why you might say “no” to this absolutely amazing offer. 

After several hours, my team could think of only 2 possible questions you might have.

Q1 Can I get waves with my kind of hair?

Getting waves is both an art & science, this is important to know. Because once you know how waves are formed, you will know whether you can get waves or not. 

Basically waves from the curls of your hair, which after various processes of training become wavy. So the main question you need to answer is whether your hair is curly or not.

If you have curly or nappy hair you will be just fine, you will definitely get waves by using the methods in the 360 Waves Blueprint.

But I have to say if your hair is straight for my white brothers; it might be difficult to get waves. 

Some white dudes have done it, but still this is not the norm. So if your hair is straight, it might be really difficult to get waves. 

You might need to work extra hard, than my nappy hair brothers.

Q2 How long does it take to get 360 waves?

A. Well this varies from individual to individual, most folks get waves within days, for others it takes weeks. But rest assured at the most, within one month you will have waves.

If you diligently apply the methods in the 360 waves blueprint. You definitely can speed up your wave process, it just depends how often you are willing to work the methods.

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